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Key West Fishing Seasons

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Fishing Seasons

Capt. Tony Murphy

Key West is a popular fishing destination, offering several types of fishing activities to both visitors and locals. These include:

1. Offshore fishing: This involves fishing in deep waters, targeting large predatory fish such as marlin, tuna, and swordfish.

2. Backcountry fishing: This type of fishing is done in shallow waters, targeting various species like bonefish, tarpon, and permit.

3. Fly fishing: Fly fishing in Key West is typically done in the backcountry, targeting several species such as bonefish and permit.

4. Reef fishing: This involves fishing around coral reefs, targeting species such as snapper, grouper, and yellowtail.

5. Wreck fishing: This is similar to reef fishing, but it involves fishing in the vicinity of sunken ships, targeting species such as snapper, grouper, and amberjack.

Regardless of the type of fishing you’re doing in Key West, visitors can take advantage of local fishing charters, experienced guides, and diverse fishing equipment rentals to make memorable catches.

Flats Fishing Season in Key West

Tarpon: Feb-August

Bonefish: Sept-March

Permit, Barracuda, Shark: All year round

Offshore Fishing Season Key West

Sailfish: Sept-June

Tuna: Sept-May – Atlantic

Tuna: May-August – Gulf of Mexico

Kingfish: Nov-March Atlantic 

Gulf Dolphin: April-August

Cobia: Nov-June – Mostly Gulf

Barracuda: All year round Reef action all year round / Mackerel in the winter.

Bottom line… no matter what time of year you visit, There is always fish to be caught.

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Tarpon Fishing in Key West

Tarpon fishing is a popular sport in tropical waters, and is widely considered one of the most challenging fisheries.

Did you know that Tarpon are notoriously elusive and strong fish, known for their acrobatic leaps and powerful runs? Anglers typically target them with live bait or artificial lures, and use heavy tackle to land them.

Another fun fact is that Tarpon can grow up to 8 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds, and their fighting ability requires skill and patience from fishermen.

The pursuit of tarpon is not only about the catch; it is also about the thrill of the chase.

To preserve the population in order to preserve maintain a healthy ecosystem, Tarpon are often caught and released. Tarpon fishing is often seen as a symbol of the vibrant outdoor lifestyle in tropical waters, and attracts many avid fishermen to come to Key West to fish this sport.

Bone Fish Fishing in Key West

Bonefish fishing, also known as “flats fishing,” typically takes place in shallow, clear waters in tropical or subtropical regions. The fish are elusive and notoriously difficult to catch, making bonefishing a challenge that requires patience, skill, and knowledge of the fish’s habits and movements. Anglers typically use lightweight, fast-action rods and reels with specialized fly lines designed for stealthy presentations and delicate casting.

Successful bonefish anglers must also possess keen eyesight, as bonefish can be difficult to spot against the white sand flats. Once a fish is located, the angler must approach quietly and present the fly in a way that mimics the creature or insect the bonefish is feeding on.

Therefore, Bonefish are highly prized as game fish for their speed and agility, and for the exciting fight they put up when hooked.

Many Key West anglers practice catch-and-release with bonefish, as they are not considered a sustainable food fish.

Overall, bone fishing provides a thrilling and challenging experience for anglers looking to test their skills in a beautiful, tropical setting.


Key West Sailfish Fishing

Catching a sailfish is an unparalleled experience for many anglers. When a sailfish is hooked, it immediately begins an acrobatic show, leaping out of the water, and tail walking across the surface. This display is often accompanied by the sound of the reel’s drag screaming as the fish tries to escape. As the fight ensues, the angler can feel the power of the fish as it makes strong runs, testing the strength of the fishing line and rod.

Finally bringing the sailfish to the boat can be the most exhilarating moment of all, with all on board celebrating the catch. It’s a thrilling and gratifying moment knowing that you’ve successfully landed such a powerful and majestic animal.

Key West Fishing Report April 22 2024

Key West flats fishing – It looks like May will come to a close as one of the best stretches of good weather in years. The winds continue to be unusually mild for spring, averaging 2-6 mph for most of the month.


Tarpon: March through July, peak season May and June.

Baby Tarpon: March through November.

Bonefish & Permit: Mid-February through mid-December.

Jack Crevalle, Sharks & Barracuda: December through February.

Current Fishing Rates

Half Day / 4 Hours $700

3/4 Day / 6 Hours $800

Full day / 8 Hours $900 

Note: Full Day is an 8 hour trip with extra time to try several types of fishing is $800

Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

We take a maximum of two people.

All tackle and licenses included.

Fuel is included.

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