Key West Fishing Report May 11, 2016

Hello Anglers, with a warm welcome from The Saltwater Angler!

With very light winds predicted for the next 5 days, chasing any fish will be an option. Fly fishing the flats for Bone fish and Permit should be in full force. The Permit spawn has come to a close and they should back hungry on the flats looking for crabs. With lighter winds, longer shots with 12- 14 foot leaders will be required. Light tan crab patterns seem to work the best. Bone fish will readily take crab patterns as well. This will keep you from having to change flies when they show up while chasing Permit. The Tarpon migration is also in full swing. An early start will put you in position when they come rolling through the deeper channels looking for bait fish. Darker patterns work best on fly. Pin fish or even live crabs do well for spinning gear. Try using Hogies lures for an artificial choice in bone white or bubble gum color. Remember there is always plenty of sharks and Cudas in the back country too. If having a tough day, try tackling one of those brutes for a challenge.

Offshore has continued to produce an abundant of Tuna, King Mackerel, Mahi and Spanish mackerel! With a little turn in the wind to the EAST will make for running west of Key West much easier. Fishing grounds are less pressured there. We are still seeing a lot of Snapper action in just 60 -100 feet of water. Be patient with the really big Flag size yellow tail. They don’t get that big without being smart. If having trouble hooking up, try dropping down a size in your leader. This sometimes makes all the difference. Sailfish are starting to move in as well. Venturing out on a windy day can be tough, but getting the chance to battle these beautiful fish is well worth it! As always wishing you tight lines and fish boat side from the Saltwater Angler!

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