Key Limey Fishing News January 1, 2020

Key West Fishing Report for January 1, 2020

Hello from Capt. Tony Murphy with Key Limey Charters.  Thank you for your interest in my Key West Fishing Report and Fishing in Key West and the lower keys!

Key West Flats Fishing

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Flats this time of year are less crowded and fish are not being pressured so heavily. Cold fronts are starting to move in and the colder water temperatures will start impacting the flats more and more. We will start to see the bigger barracudas running around on the flats and edges of the channels looking for anything they can sink their teeth into.

Long and flashy bait-fish patterns work when trying to target these tricky speed demons. Keep in mind though as cold fronts come and go, water temperatures will fluctuate and the Bonefish and Permit will be pushing and pulling off the flats, so be prepared should you get a shot on one! The Wahoo bite has picked up the last couple of days around the moon phase. With fish ranging anywhere from 30 to 50lbs, there are many ways to catch Wahoo. High speed trolling is one of the most effective ways to target them.

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Offshore Fishing Charters in Key West

Hearing reports of sailfish being caught out in the gulf hopefully start seeing some south winds later on this month which will push the bait fish closer to the reefs, making it a shorter run to find theses elusive fish. Trolling skirted ballyhoo and daisy chains are a great way to get them fired up and eating. Also be on the lookout for flocks of bird diving on bait. This is usually a great indication there are fish underneath them and feeding as well.

Keep a few spinning rods ready to pitch a bait once you hook one as you might have a second fish come in with him. The Blackfin Tuna have also been being brought in, in pretty good numbers.

A great fighting fish, these deeper water bullets can be caught trolling, or jigging with bucktail jigs, or better yet caught with live bait. Be sure to bring your chopsticks as they make for table fair which is huge bonus. The Reef bite has been picking up. Plenty of Red Grouper and Mutton Snapper around. The Yellowtail snapper bite has been great as usual, and also makes for good eating.

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Above all else, Capt. Tony Murphy and his staff wish you tight lines! Get down here and book a trip with the Key Limey to catch that fish of a lifetime!!!

We wish you tight lines and fish boat side from Capt Tony Murphy with Key Limey Charters

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Key West Fishing Report From Capt. Tony Murphy

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